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Ji Strangeway

Specializing in LGBTQ and Female-Centric narrative fiction.

I write, direct, and create graphic novels. Below are my areas of focus and expertise in the following genres.

  1. LGBTQ 90%
  2. Young Adult 80%
  3. Female-Centric 100%


Ji Strangeway's work is an unconventional call to action. Her words are for the dreamers and the idealists.
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Big Dream

Ji’s Personal Bio

“Like all pioneers, I faced depths of loneliness, knowing the possibility there is not one person that can do what I do.”

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  • I think I’m the only woman on earth that has a “man cave.”
  • Minor characters are like the salt and pepper of the movie—and without them, the film will have no flavor
  • Being sickly in love is the only worthy type of possession

Ji's Headshots and Media Assets

Web-ready quality images. Hi-resolution (print quality) files are available upon request (for Press only). Just right-click download button and select "Save destination as..."

Ji Strangeway - "Kitty" 1

Ji Strangeway - "Kitty" 2

Ji Strangeway - "Kitty" 3

Ji Strangeway - "Dirty Leather"

Red as Blue promo pic + author bio dust jacket.

Ji Strangeway - "Dirty"


Ji Strangeway - "Goth NYC" - 2009

Ji Strangeway - "Red NYC" -2009

Ji Strangeway "Eternal" - 2007

Red as Blue - Key Art/ Book Cover

Red as Blue graphic novel

Nune Movie - Key Art/ Cover

Official Cover Art for Nune movie. Briana (Jessica Lauren) and Nune (Brianna Joy chomer)

Nune - "Shy" 1

Nune Movie - Key Art (Vertical) Nune (Brianna Joy chomer) and Briana (Jessica Lauren)

Nune - "Shy" 2

Nune Movie - Key Art (Horizontal) Nune (Brianna Joy chomer) and Briana (Jessica Lauren)

Nune - "Trio"

Nune Key Art featuring: Jessica Lauren, Brianna Joy Chomer, and Alexandra Scott

Nune - "Kiss"

Nune Movie - Key Art (Horizontal) Nune (Brianna Joy chomer) and Briana (Jessica Lauren)

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  • Email: info@jistrangeway.com
  • Twitter: @jistrangeway
  • Facebook: ji.strangeway


Filmmaking is one of the hardest things a human can do. It should be ranked right up there with neurologist, chemist, engineer, and rocket scientist.” – Ji Strangeway

BTSing with Ji Strangeway

A behind the scenes look at  Strangeway directing.