Film director, author, and poet Ji Strangeway is driven by the persistent, frenetic pull of the universe. Her first love? Poetry. THE GIRL WITH A THOUSAND EYES is a collection of Strangeway’s poems exploring her vibrant life as a former New York City club kid and is written from a feminist, young adult, and LGBTQ perspective.

A multi-media artist, Strangeway embraces the female-centric coming of age story. Her stories ride the shoulders of the misunderstood anti-hero, exploring the crash zones between society and self, the physical and the existential. Strangeway’s cinematic style emerges in her written work.

RED AS BLUE, Strangeway’s forthcoming YA hybrid graphic novel, introduces readers to a unique cross-genre aesthetic.  Her LGBTQ short film NUNE, a modernized version of  RED AS BLUE, draws on the sacred bond of first love.

Creating from the margins of gender, orientation, and circumstance, Strangeway’s work is an unconventional call to action. Her words are for the dreamers and the idealists.

A fierce blogger, you can find Strangeway’s words published at:

  • Mindful Word
  • Thought Catalog
  • Feminine Moments – Queer Feminist Art Worldwide
  • Tiferet Journal
  • Phoenix Poetry Review
    …and more.

Facebook: jistrangeway.official
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