For Immediate Release: October 02, 2017

Ji Strangeway Embraces the Female Coming of Age Story With new Book of Feminist YA Poetry The Girl With a Thousand Eyes Powerful feminine-energy-charged poetry from “the margins of gender, orientation and circumstance,” Ji Strangeway is exploding expectations with her recent release, The Girl With a Thousand Eyes: Feminist YA Poetry. ... More


Nune is a new short film from writer/director Ji Strangeway. A coming of age/coming out tale, set in high school, the short film follows Nune, who is lonely and depressed, as she starts to fall for the blonde, popular cheerleader that shows an interest in return in the girl that no one else notices is even there. And who hasn’t had that ... More

Short Film ‘Nune’ To Be Released On Video On Demand

Rent it in time for Valentine's Day!   More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 06, 2017

NUNE Short Film Rewards LGBTQ Global Millennial Fan Base with Direct-To-Fan Digital Release on VHX LOS ANGELES, CA -- LGBTQ, short film Nune by Ji Strangeway of GYATRi Media will be digitally released on VHX with a special offer of 99 cents for 3-day streaming onFebruary 14, 2017, Valentine's Day.  VHX is a direct film distribution ... More

LGBT Film “Nune”: There’s No Other Drug Like Love

Short film directed by Ji Strangeway and produced by GYATRi Media is aimed to question millennials about bullying LGBTQ members and make them think about respecting. More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2016

Short Film NUNE for LGBT Questioning Millennials and Lonely Youth Releases on DVD LOS ANGELES, CA -- GYATRi Media announces the romantic LGBTQ short film, NUNE, to release on DVD in time for Christmas. The indie film's recent direct-to-digital release on iTunes and Google Play has gained steady momentum among millennials and audiences in ... More


“Nune” to screen at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin LOS ANGELES, CA -- “Nune” (pronounced noon-nay) was released in the United States several months ago and will have its European premiere at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema (Berlin IFF) on October 23, 2016. The short film will ... More

For Immediate Release: August 19, 2016

The Joy of Being Different: Nune LOS ANGELES, CA -- As bullying and backlash grab national headlines, it’s more important than ever to talk of the joy of celebrating diversity. That’s a message that infuses every element of Ji Strangeway’s new film “Nune”. “Nune” (pronounced noon-nay), is a lesbian teen love story ... More

Explore The Complex Journey To Love In ‘Nune’

This short film is tailored to the youth coming of age in the 21st century. More

For immediate release: July 07, 2016

Short film “Nune” explores complex emotional journey on path to love LOS ANGELES, CA -- Bullying has shown its ugly face to all sections of society throughout history, and it is alive and well today, especially among the young. “Nune” (pronounced noon-nay) tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who creates a fantasy world to ... More

NUNE Short Film Premieres at Queens World Film Festival in LGBTQ 2016 Lineup

NUNE is a modern day "Ugly Duckling" tale, seen from an LGBTQ perspective. The short film will be screened at the sixth annual Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) on March 18. The filmmakers invite LGBTQ teens and allies to attend its March premiere. More