The Girl With a Thousand Eyes
Feminist YA Poetry

THE GIRL WITH THE THOUSAND EYES poetry book takes the young adult reader, bordering on the verge of adulthood, through a poignant journey of life’s unexpected spirit-lifting triumphs and trials of personal transformation.

From New York City club life and LGBTQ love poems to existential reflections on transmigration, Ji Strangeway’s poetic verses reveal a heartfelt narrative of self-discovery.

Alliterative lines, bold stanzas and lulling metaphors awaken the dreaming psyche with promise and lead us poem by poem, toward the heart of the divine.

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The Youth are told spirituality doesn’t come until they get old. Orthodoxy tries to convince us that spirituality and sexuality should be divided. Feminine Wisdom knows otherwise. This book is dedicated to Her thousand eyes.

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ISBN-10: 0998877816
ISBN-13: 978-0998877815
Paperback: 102 pages

Published: First Ed.  Aug 16, 2017
Available in: English

Edition: First
Publisher: GYATRi MEDIA

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TBD: Ebook/ Kindle

About the Poet.

For the dreamers and idealists.

Ji Strangeway is a film director, author, and poet based in Los Angeles. Her feminist poetry book,THE GIRL WITH A THOUSAND EYES is a collection of YA poetry written during her years as a New York East Village club kid in the LGBTQ scene. Strangeway invites you to lose the notion of all things transitory and trivial, to discover what really matters in this life: unseen beauties that keep the golden flame in our souls kindled. Her words are for the dreamers and idealists.

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