Press Release: December 20, 2016

Brianna Joy Chomer stars as “Nune,” the rejected “model citizen”

Short Film NUNE for LGBT Questioning Millennials and Lonely Youth Releases on DVD

LOS ANGELES, CA — GYATRi Media announces the romantic LGBTQ short film, NUNE, to release on DVD in time for Christmas. The indie film’s recent direct-to-digital release on iTunes and Google Play has gained steady momentum among millennials and audiences in the LGBT community. The DVD is available on Amazon for fans that want to own a hard copy.

Two dreamers from opposite sides of the high-school popularity spectrum collide in this heart-warming independent short film, nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema.

Nune (pronounced “Noon-nay”) Lusparian is a Mexican-Armenian struggling to fit in. A group of privileged teens tries to break her, except for Briana, a star athlete, with a bleeding heart. Briana’s clique wonders why a girl who has it all would sympathize with the high school’s ugly duckling. Then start the rumors that Briana might be gay.

“Nune Lusparian is a lonely, suicidal girl that has difficulty fitting into the norm,” says writer-director, Ji Strangeway. “The DVD is appropriate for the cold, winter holidays because it has a warm, uplifting message that speaks to people who long to feel comforted and understood for being who they are.”

NUNE was produced and filmed in Los Angeles, California, by GYATRi Media. The NUNE DVD is available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members:

Official Trailer: