Press Release: October 02, 2017

Ji Strangeway Embraces the Female Coming of Age Story With new Book of Feminist YA PoetryThe Girl With a Thousand Eyes

Powerful feminine-energy-charged poetry from “the margins of gender, orientation and circumstance,” Ji Strangeway is exploding expectations with her recent release, The Girl With a Thousand Eyes: Feminist YA Poetry.

The Girl With A Thousand Eyes: Feminist YA Poetry by Ji Strangeway

Los Angeles, CA — Young women are often dreamers and idealists; brave hearts burgeoning with feminine wisdom but still naive enough to feel the stings of adolescence. Filmmaker, author and poet Ji Strangeway has experienced those days herself and come through to the other side, a better person for it. Her new book, The Girl With a Thousand Eyes: Feminist YA Poetry, inspires, incites and also educates as she tells the story of a young woman coming into self-realization.

“This book is dedicated to the youth who are often made to feel that their sexuality and spiritually should be divided, and that the latter—which brings wisdom—is reserved for old age,” said Strangeway about The Girl With a Thousand Eyes. “From a feminist perspective, I couldn’t disagree more. Our creative energy and our capacity to feel holy are based on fusing the two together to become complete as human beings.”

Strangeway’s poetry style is influenced and complimented by her other forms of art, showing a cinematic eye for capturing clear scenes, alongside a fiction author’s skill at expressing strong emotional content that can touch the soul. LGBTQ readers will likely embrace The Girl With a Thousand Heart’s message, as Strangeway’s #pride is remarkably infectious and her love for the outsider couldn’t be more compelling.

Early reviews of The Girl With a Thousand Eyes are passionate.

In a recent five-star review, Stacy L. said, “I truly enjoyed reading this great and fun poetry book by Ji Strangeway. The poems seem to dance and sing and move forward with sexy, spiritual, clever scenarios that touch a part of what is real. Words you wish you could say… but we are not as brave as the author. We can relate heart to heart as she rocks our world with bold, perceptive creative poetry. The poems made me feel very deep and reminded me of delicate truths and love won and lost.”

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