Press Release: August 19, 2016

The Joy of Being Different: Nune

Brianna Joy Chomer stars as a LGBT questioning teenage outcast in Ji Strangeways arthouse film, NUNE.

LOS ANGELES, CA — As bullying and backlash grab national headlines, it’s more important than ever to talk of the joy of celebrating diversity. That’s a message that infuses every element of Ji Strangeway’s new film “Nune”.

“Nune” (pronounced noon-nay), is a lesbian teen love story featuring music by several emerging indie recording artists. It will screen as part of the Atlanta LGBT Film and Music Festival next week.

The film stars Brianna Joy Chomer as Nune Lusparian, a Mexican-Armenian suffering abuse from a privileged high school clique for being “different.” Jessica Lauren plays Briana Enright, the sensitive and beautiful American cheerleader who goes out on a limb for Nune. The film was inspired by Strangeway’s love of the fairy tale, “The Ugly Duckling”, which she considers a valuable reminder of the special nature of being “different.”

“It’s about acknowledging where we are as humans who love freely, rather than how we can define ourselves as gays,” Strangeway said.

The Atlanta LGBT Film and Music Festival (ALFF) is a three-day event created to celebrate and showcase the work of LGBT filmmakers, artists and musicians in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. Strangeway said she was thrilled to screen “Nune” at the diverse and multicultural ALFF.

“Ashley Stephens, the festival director, knows where the party’s at,” she said. “I love that the festival is run by millennials for millennials.”

“One of the reasons I think the ALFF viewers are going to enjoy Nune is because of the music,” Strangeway said. “It has good electronica, hip-hop, and beautiful music score all created by indie artists.

“I love and respect musicians and artists,” Strangeway said. “They are my tribe. I have always had an affinity with the music scenes, especially the underground ones from the origin of post-punk to house, and I guess you could say I grew up in nightclubs.”

WHAT: “Nune”

WHEN: 5:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

WHERE:Balzer Theater at Herren’s, 84 Luckie St. NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

TICKETS: available at Brown Paper Tickets.


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